Kittens available

If you are interested in arranging to buy kittens from me then please  fill out my contact form and tell me about yourself and family.

Also please let me know what you are looking for in a kitten so I can make the best possible match for you.

All our kittens leave at 13 weeks and not before.

They will have had two health checks and all vaccinations including leukaemia.

They will have 4 weeks insurance with Pet Plan.

They will be registered with T.I.C.A. on the active or non active register.

If you are interested in one off my baby’s you can secure one with a non refundable deposit.

£100.00 Deposit for pet/show kitten.

£250.00 Deposit for a Breeding Queen. / Stud Boy.

Below are some of 2016 kittens.